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By kotico
Sun, 13 Apr 2008

My trip to Curacao, perfect mix of pleasure and work ;)

I went on a 4 month work travel to Curacao and I was simply amazed with the beauty of that small island, I won’t lie there are not too many good looking local women lol but you find a few… if your thing is enjoying the beach, diving, snorkeling and partying Curacao is your place. I remember my first time snorkeling, it was with my friend John we went to this little beach that I don’t recall the name of it and it was one of the best experiences of my life.

I was scared lol of my first time with swimming so far away from the short line… but as soon as I started admiring the beauty of what was underneath me all those fears went away, coral, all kinds of fish (no sharks hahaha) just a whole new world was right there in front of my eyes. Later on I started making friends and one of them was Jessie a diver instructor that worked with me, she took me for my first diving experience and was 1000x better than snorkeling wow it is like flying… So If you go to Curacao don’t miss the opportunity to experience what diving and snorkeling is.

Places to go for night live I will recommend Mambo beach, Cinco, Zanta Beach, Baya Beach Club, Central Park….
If you feel lonely Campo Alegre is the place to find company hahahah
Hato caves , West punt, the windmills are a most to go places.
Arriving to Curacao
Punda Downtown Curacao
Boca Tabla

Me at Boca Tabla