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Manuel Antonio Escape

North America >> Costa Rica >>  ManuelAntoino
By Simon
Mon, 21 Apr 2008
This weekend I left for a trip to Manuel Antonio in the south-central pacific region of Costa Rica.

My trip started by a 2,700 colone (about $5) 5 hour bus ride from San Jose downtown in the Coca Cola district to Manuel Antonio. I met 3 girls from... [View Full Entry]

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Prince Albert National Park

North America >> Canada >>  Prince Albert
By mytravel
Mon, 18 May 2009
Prince Albert National Park of Canada protects a slice of the northern coniferous or 'boreal' forest. The park lies in a transition zone between natural regions, with a diversity of wildlife. The park contains many outstanding natural and cultural features, including the only fully protected white pelican nesting colony in... [View Full Entry]

Niagara Falls

North America >> Canada >>  Festival Country
By worldtreasure
Mon, 18 May 2009
Niagara Falls is far more than a natural phenomenon. A world-class destination with something for everyone, the city offers thriving night life, one-of-a-kind sightseeing, and adventure for all ages. The Niagara Falls honeymoon and family activities like the Maid of the Mist tour and Marineland are long-time traditions, while new... [View Full Entry]

Jasper National Park

North America >> Canada >>  Alberta
By globalsurfer
Mon, 18 May 2009
Nestled in the heart of the largest park in the Rocky Mountains, Jasper is the gateway to some of the most majestic, pristine and accessible wilderness Canada has to offer. Scenic splendor lies right out your doorstep waiting to be discovered in this UNESCO World Heritage site. Be surrounded by... [View Full Entry]

Lake Louise

North America >> Canada >>  Alberta
By Traveltours
Mon, 18 May 2009
Lake Louise Ski Resort is located in Lake Louise, Alberta with 139 ski trails, served by 10 lifts.

Lake Louise Ski Resort is located in Lake Louise, Alberta, in Banff National Park, approximately 115 miles (184 km) west of Calgary, Alberta, and 36 miles (60 km) west of the... [View Full Entry]

Cannon Beach, Oregon

North America >> United States >>  Oregon
By travelholic
Mon, 18 May 2009
Rising Monolith: Enjoy a day of picnicking with the backdrop of a 235-foot rock -- called Haystack -- rising from the sea at Cannon Beach. Named for the several cannons that washed ashore after the wreck of the warship Shark, Cannon Beach offers plenty of room to toss a Frisbee... [View Full Entry]

CN Tower

North America >> Canada >>  Toronto
By traveladdict
Mon, 18 May 2009
The CN Tower, located in Downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is a communications and observation tower standing 553.33 metres (1,815.4 ft) tall. It surpassed the height of the Ostankino Tower while still under construction in 1975, becoming the tallest free-standing structure on land in the world. On September 12, 2007, after... [View Full Entry]

Myrtle Beach In South Carolina

North America >> United States >>  South Carolina
By stargazer
Sun, 17 May 2009
One of the top domestic tourist destinations in the continental United States. With nearly 14 million visitors a year, it is no surprise that Myrtle Beach, with over 60 miles of warm, sandy beaches, is such a popular vacation choice for millions of Americans. If you need a good tan... [View Full Entry]

Prusia De Cartago

North America >> Costa Rica >>  Cartago
By kotico
Wed, 23 Jul 2008
Nice place located about 30 minutes from downtown Cartago, close to the Irazu volcano ... [View Full Entry]

La Paz Waterfalls

North America >> Costa Rica >>  VaraBlanca
By simon
Thu, 17 Apr 2008
This is by far the most beautiful set of waterfalls anywhere in the world. If you are looking for a quiet getaway and true down to nature park then this hidden gem is the place for you to checkout.

I had a wonderful time here and feel you will... [View Full Entry]

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Hampton Inn And Suites Vancouver

North America >> Canada >>  Vancouver
By mytravel
Mon, 18 May 2009
Hampton Inn and Suites Vancouver is across from BC Place, two miles from Stanley Park and the Vancouver Aquarium, and approximately six miles from Vancouver International Airport. This location is also two blocks from the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, half a mile from Gastown and Chinatown, and one mile from Granville... [View Full Entry]

Fairmont Empress

North America >> Canada >>  Victoria
By mytravel
Mon, 18 May 2009
Rising regally on the banks of Victoria's Inner Harbour and representing the center of the local community, The Fairmont Empress has been completely restored to her turn-of-the-century beauty. The Resort is located in the heart of Victoria only blocks away from Old Town, the Royal British Museum, and seaside restaurants... [View Full Entry]

The Suites At 1 King West

North America >> Canada >>  Toronto
By mytravel
Mon, 18 May 2009
The Suites at 1 King West is a 51-story, downtown hotel that is connected via an underground walkway to shops, restaurants, and Union Station, and located approximately 21 miles from Lester B. Pearson International Airport. This location is also two blocks from Eaton Centre shopping mall, four blocks from the... [View Full Entry]

Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort

North America >> Canada >>  Festival Country
By worldtreasure
Mon, 18 May 2009

We all know winter in Canada can get pretty frigid. Hereís a Niagara Falls resort where youíll never need to step outside, because everything for shopping, dining, entertainment Ė and of course views of Niagara Falls - are all in one fantastic location! Itís the Fallsview Casino Resort.

... [View Full Entry]

Pillar And Post

North America >> Canada >>  Festival Country
By worldtreasure
Mon, 18 May 2009

Hereís your chance to escape the hustle and bustle of tourism in Niagara Falls: Pillar and Post is a vintage inn that brings history to life. Luxury and relaxation can be found everywhere from your guest suite to Cannery Restaurant. Find calm and repose at this Niagara Falls resort... [View Full Entry]

White Oaks Conference Resort And Spa

North America >> Canada >>  Ontario
By worldtreasure
Mon, 18 May 2009

Itís a different kind of Niagara Resort, where time seems to slow down, rest and relaxation are cherished and health is more than just a nice idea Ė itís a lifestyle. At White Oaks Conference Resort and Spa you can focus on whatís really important Ė you. And itís... [View Full Entry]

Crowne Plaza Hotel

North America >> Canada >>  Festival Country
By globalsurfer
Mon, 18 May 2009

It was the first four-star hotel to grace the skyline of Niagara Falls. Today, the Crowne Plaza is the centerpiece for attractions along the scenic falls. And you can experience these amazing activities in the award-winning luxury of this historic grand classic Niagara Falls hotel.

If youíre looking... [View Full Entry]

Niagara Falls Marriott

North America >> Canada >>  Festival Country
By globalsurfer
Mon, 18 May 2009

This is Niagara Falls splendor at its finest. The Niagara Falls Marriott Fallsview Hotel and Spa is literally right next to the falls. And you can experience the wonder and history of this location, right from your own window! Itís a truly magical experience, right from this Niagara Falls... [View Full Entry]

Great Wolf Lodge

North America >> Canada >>  Ontario >> Festival Country
By globalsurfer
Mon, 18 May 2009

Your Niagara Falls water adventure doesnít have to end when you leave the Falls. At Great Wolf Lodge every day means 84 degrees of splashing, soaking water fun. You can even recreate your very own waterfall at Fort Mackenzie Ė a tipping bucket soaks you with 1,000 gallons... [View Full Entry]

Windermere Resort

North America >> Canada >>  Muskoka
By Traveltours
Mon, 18 May 2009

Golf truly is a game of leisure. A game where people casually enjoy beautiful scenery, good exercise and great company. At the Windermere Golf and Country Club the leisurely spirit of old-school golf shines through to this day. Swing, chip and putt through history at this Muskoka golf resort!
... [View Full Entry]

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